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Have you ever had a question about sex? Maybe your own sexuality? Or really anything about sex? Well now you don't have to keep those questions hidden any longer! Thanks to F*#@ing Sex on GTFORadio, all your questions, thoughs or ideas can have some light shed on them. Join your hosts, Jessica Lai, the girl next door type, and F-ing Jay, the timid newcomer, as they venture into the abyss of sexual facts, desires, fantasies, and everything else you can think of about sex. So from anal to zoophilia, there is something for everyone as the girl next door and the new comer dive into the unknown sex acts of the world. Come along for the ride, learn a thing or two, and maybe even try something new out with your partner. With some new wacky topic on every show, our hosts will be sure to keep you entertained, and maybe you can even throw in a bit of information in the chat room with them, or ever be the brave soul to call in and talk one on one, live, on the air with them. Be sure to always tune in, so you don't get left behind on this sexual trip, as you find the answers you are looking for, and maybe our hosts find something about about themselves that they never dreamed about along the way. So with live chat rooms and video watching, there is a way for everyone to listen. Whether you watch or listen live, or catch a prerecorded show, we are sure that our hosts will have something in store for your sexual side. Whether its a completely new thing, or a twist on an old favourite, let us help you explore your sexual fantasies!

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I am 25 years old.

I Speak: English

I Am From: Canada

Friday, May 25th: 12 AM To 02 AM