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Hunter Gash is a straight shooting, fun loving, alpha dog with a hot wife and his own radio show (still trying to figure out how the hell that came to be). Together with his sexy sidekick Alley Cat, they co-host a swingers internet radio show (or whatever label he wants to give it – the jury is still out on this one). Alley Cat tries her best to reign Hunter in (and keep him on track) as they delve into the depths of adventures in swinging.

Even though they have been “in the lifestyle” for a number of years, these 2 are still relative “newbies” in many respects. Having started as exhibitionists almost 10 years ago, they have gradually evolved (at a snail’s pace) into the sexy swingers they are today. This gives the Hunter and Alley Cat show a unique flavour, as they have experienced many different aspects of swinging (they learned to walk before they ran). Hunter and Alley Cat discuss everything from what to expect your first time at a swing club, current events in the lifestyle, as well as club and product reviews. They encourage their fans to call in to the show to discuss their experiences and their perspectives.

Hunter considers himself a bit of a lifestyle ambassador, and likes to visit clubs in other cities and countries. He drags Alley Cat along (kicking and screaming…well maybe just screaming), and together they have had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and have expanded their lifestyle network.

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I am 45 years old.

I Speak: English

I Am From: Canada